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Brenner Reiki Healing

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Newton, Massachusetts.

Your Reiki Session

The first session begins with a brief conversation. I will ask you a few questions so that I may plan the most beneficial sessions for your needs, comfort, and safety. Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times. I subscribe to the International Association of Reiki Professionals' (IARP) Code of Ethics which is available in my treatment room.

Following the initial conversation, your Reiki session starts lying fully clothed, resting comfortably on a massage table, covered with a blanket if desired. I will complete a series of hand placements, covering the major organs, glands, and joints of the body. If you indicate that you wish for me to pay specific attention to a particular injury or issue, I will also concentrate on that area during the session. In a typical session, the head and torso are worked on first, followed by the back and feet. Reiki practitioners never touch any private parts.

A Reiki session may look like no one is doing anything, and that is somewhat true, because a Reiki session is not really about doing.  A Reiki session is more about being...being in connection with one's own thoughts, emotions, and body.  Being in connection with the qualities within oneself that one wishes to cultivate.  Being in connection with the kind of energy one wishes to bring forth.

A Reiki treatment may be conducted with the practitioner's hands on the body or just above the body, according to your preference.  Clients should be prepared to turn off cell phones and pagers.  During your session, I invite you to connect with yourself in stillness and ease of mind. If something feels uncomfortable during the session, I encourage you to inform me.  For example, if a client needs the rest room during a session, this is absolutely permitted.

  • 90 minute Reiki sessions: $95
  • 60 minute Reiki sessions: $65
  • 45 minute Reiki sessions:  $50
  • 30 minute Reiki sessions: $35

Please inquire about Home Visits.  Elise Brenner will come to you for post-operative Reiki treatments, or if you are facing  mobility and transportation challenges.

​Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. We do not bill clients nor do we provide direct billing for insurance.  Please inquire about discounts for seniors, students, and veterans.

Individuals who have financial constraints are welcome to discuss this with us to see what can be worked out, such as a sliding scale, or referral to Brenner Reiki Healing's monthly Community Reiki Clinic.

Remember...This is your healing space and your healing time.

Our belief that wellness should be available to anyone and everyone is reflected in our reasonable rates, as well as the Community Reiki Clinic. To request more information, and to discuss how we can work together moving forward, please call Elise Brenner at 617-244-8856 or email Elise@BrennerReikiHealing.org to talk about what moves you to explore Reiki and how we can work together, and to schedule your Reiki session. We choose not to utilize scheduling software because we appreciate the personal connection with prospective clients and students.  Thank you for understanding.

How You Can Benefit From A Reiki Session

Reiki is beneficial for general wellness as well as for relief from specific physical and emotional health conditions. Reiki facilitates the Relaxation Response, which creates an environment within the body where healing can take place as the nervous system shifts from sympathetic to parasympathetic. Although many people seek Reiki for specific ailments, beneficial healing results frequently go beyond the particular condition, as those who use Reiki report feeling more energized, calmer, more resilient, mindful, and more at ease with life's uncertainties.  Reiki recipients are encouraged to be invested and  active in addressing their own healing process within the healing context of their Reiki session.

Your Reiki Session