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What about Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) Training and Master Level 3 (Shinpiden) Training?

Many students feel moved to discover what further depth the teachings and practice of Reiki have to offer. A Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) training class is a different experience than a Reiki Level 1 class.  Okuden is where students learn three mantras and three symbols that aid in focusing Ki (spiritual energy).  At this level you discover your hidden inner qualities such as your Earth, Heaven, and Heart Ki.  Learning to work with the three Level 2 symbols and mantras is more focused than what goes on in a general introductory Reiki class.  There is the opportunity to develop a professional treatment practice from these teachings, so in this class we cover some of the basics of Reiki professional ethics and boundaries, conducting an intake interview, and establishing rapport with clients who are not friends and relatives.

Our Master Level Training (Shinpiden) takes the form of an apprenticeship program that allows the student to work toward self-mastery, as well being fully prepared to take on the responsibility of teaching Reiki to others.​

Reiki Training FAQs

What happens after the training ends?

After Level 1-Shoden training, students begin their life-long, ongoing, transformative practice of Reiki to care for themselves and others.  Brenner Reiki Healing provides opportunities for practice as well.  Students may choose to practice Reiki with others through Brenner Reiki Healing's monthly Community Reiki Clinics and Reiki Shares.  Brenner Reiki Healing strongly supports its students in their ongoing daily practice of self-Reiki, working with the Precepts, and the Reiki meditations, as well as providing opportunities for practice and continuing education.  A comprehensive course manual is provided and is included in the tuition of $150 for the thorough, full-day training.

Can anyone learn to do Reiki?

Absolutely!  Anyone can experience Reiju; anyone can learn the Reiki meditations; and anyone can learn to practice Reiki on self and others. The initiations really do not give the individual anything new.  It is an initiation that opens the door to what you already are capable of; to what is already within you.   Once the formal training is over, the true practice of Reiki begins with the new practitioner doing daily self-Reiki, working with the Reiki Precepts, and enjoying the Reiki meditations.  If you have never received a Reiki treatment, we strongly urge you to do so prior to your Level 1 Reiki training. You may want to come to Brenner Reiki Healing's monthly Community Reiki Clinic, where you can enjoy a half-hour Reiki session for only $10, or you may wish to schedule an individualized Reiki session with Elise Brenner. ​

I am interested in knowing a student’s reaction to the Reiki Training.

We are delighted to provide this testimonial, which is representative of our Reiki students:

 “I loved your teaching methods, and how you structured the day - your stories of personal experiences, your honest beliefs, your journey, your knowledge... how you shared everything was just perfect. I learned a lot. I felt centered. Grounded. Supported. It was a truly incredible experience and one that I will cherish forever.

In fact, the last two mornings I have woken up reciting the Reiki precepts - what an incredible way to welcome a new day!!

I will keep in touch and truly appreciate your mentorship and support. You've added bright colors to my Reiki landscape and for that I am grateful.” ~ Brenner Reiki Healing Student

What is covered in Reiki Level 1/Shoden training?

The monthly Reiki 1 (Shoden) training clarifies what Reiki is and what Reiki is not, as well as how Reiki fits into Integrative Medicine. During Reiki Level 1 training, students learn the Japanese origins and history of Reiki and about the role of a Reiki practitioner. The Reiki Precepts are explored since they are a foundation of Reiki practice.  Students learn and experience the Reiki meditations and are encouraged to continue these in their own lives. Reiki 1 training includes learning and practicing the hand placements for Reiki self-treatment, and the hand placements for treatment of others.  Plenty of time is devoted to students practicing self-Reiki and sharing Reiki with one another. The Reiki initiation, or Reiju, is also a focal point of the Reiki 1 training, allowing students to connect with their inner selves to cultivate calmness, stability, and compassion—incredibly beneficial in the practice of Reiki.  A comprehensive course manual is provided and is included in the tuition of $150 for the thorough, full-day training.  Trainings offered every month on a Sunday, from 9am – 6:30pm.  Please inquire about alternate scheduling for your group.

Well, then, what about children?

Yes, children can be taught to do Reiki, and we offer Youth Reiki Training. It is our feeling that most children over the age of 8 are capable of making the decision as to whether they want to learn to practice to Reiki.  The policy of Brenner Reiki Healing is that one of the child's parents must already be trained in Reiki so that true informed consent is involved, and that a parent accompanies the child to the class.  Children between the ages of 8 and 10 are placed together in a children's class.  Pre-Teens and Early Teens, from 11-14, will be placed together in a pre-teen/early teen class.  Teenagers, 15-17, would be placed in a teen class, and older teens would be placed in an adult class.​