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Brenner Reiki Healing

Located in the Greater Boston Area,

Newton, Massachusetts.

“Brenner Reiki Healing help me to feel so incredibly relaxed - the stresses of the day just melted off me. You were like a hushed presence that enveloped me in a very warm stillness. I was amazed at how hot your hands were!"

-Happy Client

Empowered Clients

“Brenner Reiki Healing provided pre-op and post-op Reiki treatments for me in the hospital. I felt calm and prepared for the surgery. I required a total of only two pain pills for the first two days, when most patients take them several times a day for a week or two.  In fact, I felt no pain at all post-surgery, and probably didn't need to take the pain pills at all.  My surgeon and physical therapist were so surprised by my rapid recovery time!"

-Happy Client

“Brenner Reiki Healing demonstrated a personal commitment to helping me reach my fitness goals. It’s fair to say I now enjoy a healthier, happier life!”

-Happy Client

Ordinary People Like You and Me

We take our commitment very seriously to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and conditions reach a greater level of well-being. You can see the depth of that commitment in the radiance and vitality of our clientele. Please take a moment to learn for yourself why we take our commitment to you very seriously.

"My ​Reiki practice taught me not to limit myself." --Reiki Student